How do wireless locks work?

Looking to remotely lock and unlock your doors?  You want a ‘smart’ lock. 

Control your own home ecosystem via a smartphone or tablet.  ‘Next generation wireless ‘ecosystems’ such as Z-Wave or ZigBee allow home electronics, like a Yale lock, to speak to one another and to the user via ‘remote control’. 

Experience ‘smart locking’ possibilities – Yale Secure Connect touchscreen and push button locks work with a variety of wireless home security or home control systems.  Simple low power energy waves travel through walls and floors and wirelessly communicate with devices enabled with a radio module.  Enabled home electronics can be unified into an integrated wireless network, with no new wiring and no complicated programming, through a wireless controller ‘hub’.

Owners experience a new type of ‘smart security’ when the lock becomes the first point of contact for security and home control on any door the lock is installed.