Yale Alarm Kit App Upgrade Instructions

This upgrade will take place on the 12th of November 2019 at 2:00am - 4:00am (AEST).

Please follow the below instructions to register your New Yale Alarm System:

  1.  Download the “Yale Smart Living Home” app  from Playstore (Android Users) or App store (iOS Users). 
  2. Power down your Alarm panel, including turning off the battery switch. The battery switch can be found behind the white grommet next to the power lead. Wait 30 seconds, then turn the battery switch back on and connect the power lead, wait 30 seconds. The top and bottom LED should be green. 
  3. On the New App, Select “Register new system”
  4. Select “Start Installation Wizard”
  5. Preparation: Follow App instructions and Select “Done”
  6. Account Setup: Enter required details. Select “Done”
  7. When registration is complete, if requested, select “Tap to find devices”

For any assistance please call customer service on 1300 562 587

New Features of the App

  1. Help option available on each page.
  2. Ability to put the panel into learn mode from the app.
  3. Add multiple locks.
  4. Auto disarm when the door is unlocked.
  5. Scheduled actions available to turn on/off power switches.
  6. Add and remove users from the app.
  7. Geo notifications.
  8. Notification will now detail which app user has performed a function.