Trust Yale


A worldwide 'Trust Yale' campaign was just launched as part of Yale’s new identity, aimed at creating a consistent global brand.

The digital campaign, which runs for nine weeks, is not only designed to inspire trust, but also to establish stronger connections and greater relevancy to our customers.

Trust Yale is the first of three global campaigns being launched during 2021, running from 15 March to 14 May.

Trust is one of our key brand values. People’s connection to their homes and the need to feel secure has never been stronger – and they will look to brands they trust to ensure this. Whether through our innovative solutions or the reassurance we can give to our customers, the aim of this campaign is for Yale to be trusted every day.

Trust Ranked as Number One Factor by Consumers

In these uncertain times consumer buying habits have changed dramatically, but ‘trust’ in a brand is still seen as one of the most important factors when making a purchasing decision.

Yale, the global leader in home security, is a brand built on trust. Whether that’s trust in its 180 years of innovation or the trust its customers place in the brand to keep their homes and loved ones secure.

A global study by Edelman, showed that 81% of consumers need to trust a brand in order to buy from them, and 75% say that they will only make repeat purchases if they trust in a brand.

Whilst the World has seen a seismic shift in both technology and the way we live our lives, customers’ connection to their homes and the need to feel secure has never been stronger and they continue to look to brands they trust to inspire this. Yale has been earning that trust for generations and continues to do so by giving customers the peace of mind in the quality of its products and by developing new products that enhance their daily lives.

For years customers have placed their trust in its mechanical locks and more recently its digital door locks have opened up a new world of access and freedom. Latest innovations include its Unity Entrance Lock and Assure Lock Series which give more convenience and control to everyday life.

The study also found that the third most popular way to create trust with consumers was to ensure protection of their data and privacy. Yale’s heritage is a security company, and it has never been, nor will it be a data company. It uses advanced encryption methods to ensure all its products not only protect homes but people’s personal data.

Trust has always been a key brand value for Yale and today, more than ever, its ambition is to enable customers to feel secure in their homes and have the freedom to live their daily lives. 

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