Security innovations designed for everyday from the home security experts at Yale


Technology is engrained in our everyday lives from our smartphones, laptops, tablets and voice assistants. And these gadgets all have one thing in common; they help to make our daily lives much easier and convenient.

And with recent innovations over the last decade being largely centred around the concept of the ‘smart home’, we’ve seen many global brands create a range of connected products that aim to do just that.

And, as the global leader in home security, it’s always been Yale’s mission to bring innovative, handy security solutions to homes across the world to make daily life just that little bit more convenient.

Research undertaken by applied futurist, Tom Cheesewright, highlighted this same sentiment, suggesting that we will continue to “adopt more smart home technology if and when it makes life easier.”

And with the recent development in technology, Yale has utilised its knowledge of security to bring its own innovations to the market, providing a range of smart gadgets that not only help to make day to day life run a little bit smoother, but also offer homeowners with the ultimate peace of mind.

This year, Yale will be celebrating its 181st birthday, getting ever closer to its second century providing homeowners with innovate security products to ensure homes can stay safe and secure.

After many years of specialising in traditional security solutions, over the past decade, Yale has utilised up-and-coming technology to innovate within the market, designing high-quality smart security products that offer control and convenience.

From smart alarms, security cameras and the world’s first BSI approved smart door locks, Yale has more recently been at the forefront of the smart home security movement.

With the brand’s unusual mix of heritage and aspirations to offer the latest in smart home security to its loyal customers, Yale has created a range of security solutions that help improve 21st century daily life.

From checking in on your home security when you’re out and about to granting remote access to your home from anywhere at any time, Yale’s smart security innovations have helped making protecting your home more convenient, without compromising on security.

And with the developments in the sector showing no signs of slowing, Yale continues to be the brand to trust for style, sophisticated technology and, of course, security for homeowners across the globe.

For more information on Yale’s innovative range of smart security products, follow along with the hashtag #InnovationForEveryday across social media or visit 

For more information on Yale’s innovative range of smart security products, follow along with the hashtag #InnovationForEveryday across social media or visit