Automatically unlock with your presence

We’ve all experienced arriving home at the end of a long day, laden with bags and shopping, and having to set these items down as we fumble with keys to open the front door.

Yale’s unique new geofencing technology is set to change all of that — plus much more — with the Auto-Unlock functions of the new Smart Locks Range powered by the Yale Access App. This cutting-edge technology means that your door will automatically unlock as you approach, almost as if you have a very efficient, invisible doorman.

Using your phone’s sophisticated GPS and geofencing capabilities, the Smart Lock shifts between Home and Away mode without you having to communicate or log your whereabouts. It’s intelligent enough to recognise when you’re within five metres of your home and Auto-Unlock the front door. When you’re more than 200 metres away from the property it will automatically switch into Away mode.

Set the Smart Lock to Auto-Lock immediately, 30 seconds or 30 minutes after you leave, meaning you’ll never again have to worry about whether you forgot to lock the front door behind you. When paired with a Yale Connect Bridge, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your door remotely and check the lock status with Yale’s DoorSense™ technology, regardless of where you are.

As well as providing comfort and ease, this ground-breaking technology radically enhances home security. Rather than having multiple keys cut (or spare keys hidden in the garden) for various family members and anyone else requiring access to your home, the Smart Lock’s “virtual keys” allow you to grant temporary or long-term access by following the simple steps on the intuitive Yale Access App. It also gives you the opportunity to track who is coming and going from the house. In a country where high-density urban living is fast-becoming the norm, this level of security is often essential for peace-of-mind.

If you forget your phone or it runs out of battery, Yale Smart Lock’s has a range of options providing you with alternative access including the wireless Yale Smart Keypad and convenient Yale Contactless key tags.

Yale’s Smart Lock range is an innovation that’s in line with the current trend towards “smart” technology: as our lives are becoming busier, our phones, cars and homes are becoming ever smarter. With the Yale connect bridge added, it conveniently works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings, meaning you can use voice activation in locking, unlocking or checking the lock status of your door for a completely streamlined experience.

Due to its sleek and secure design, the Smart Lock is fast being recognised as a must-have for any new build or renovation. Your phone is now your key.