I have handed my lock incorrectly. How do I change the handing?

You can change the handing of the lock if you have not installed the batteries.

To hand the lock,

  1. Hold down on the metal slide tab on the inside of the handle located towards the bottom.
  2. Rotate the handle downwards to the left or right, depending on your selected handing.

Ensure you complete this step for both handles. If you feel any resistance when handing do not force the handle. Release the tab and handle try again.

If you have installed the batteries and setup the lock and need to change the handing follow the below process;

  1. Open the Door
  2. Place the lock into Secure mode by locking the lock and then holding the red circle down until the circle fills then let go. A square will appear.
  3. Remove the batteries from the lock and remove the lock from the door.
  4. Once removed you can change the lock handing as per the above steps.