How do I add contactless key tags?

There are 2 contactless key tags supplied with the Yale Unity Entrance Lock. A contactless key tag can be added to the lock via the Yale Access App. Follow the steps below;

  1. Tap the guest list icon.
  2. Select invite
  3. Select contactless Key Only
  4. Name the contactless key
  5. Select the lock that the contactless key will be paired too.
  6. Wait for the Bluetooth connection to the lock
  7. Have the contactless key ready
  8. Once prompted by the app, tap the contactless key on the contactless key reader on the front of the lock.

Once a contactless key is created the access can be set.

  • ‘Always’, for unlimited access for kids and family members
  • ‘Reoccurring’, for someone like a service person; for example, every Monday at 10am
  • ‘Temporary access’ for a limited date a time period you choose, once the set time ends, keys are automatically deleted so they can never be reused.

All keys can be deleted at any time for any reason.

Click ok when you’re done.