How do I activate and deactivate secure mode?


Secure mode can be activated through two methods, the Yale Access App and Contactless key tags.

Method 1: Yale Access App

Place the lock into locked mode (red circle). Hold the circle down. The circle will begin pulsing and the circle will fill and once complete, release. A red square will now appear in the App reading Closed|Secured.

Method 2: Contactless Key Tag

From the outside of the lock, ensuring the door is closed, hold the contactless key tag over the reader for 5 seconds. The lock will beep 3 times and the LED indicator will flash red.


  1. Tap on Secured Square symbol to immediately unlock.
  2. Hold the contactless key tag over the reader and the lock unlock.

*IMPORTANT: For safety reasons the inside handle should NOT BE LOCKED (SECURE MODE) while the building is occupied. Ensure the building is not occupied before proceeding with SECURE MODE