Integrating with Amazon Alexa

Yale Access Smart Lock works with all Alexa-enabled devices including Echo Show, Echo Plus, Echo, Echo Dot - even Alexa-enable Sonos devices.

What are Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo?

Alexa is Amazon's voice assistant, which is available on Amazon Echo smart speakers, Fire Tablets, Fire TV products, and the Alexa mobile app. Click here to learn more about Echo & Alexa Devices.

How does Amazon Alexa work with Yale Access?

As part of the integration, you can use Alexa to interact with your Yale Access Smart Lock using your voice. Your Yale Access lock must be connected to Wi-Fi using the Yale Connect Bridge.

There are two primary ways to interact with Alexa. These are called Skills.

What are Alexa Smart Home Skills?

These are the official Alexa Smart Home Skills provided by Yale. You can say…

  • “Alexa, lock my door.”
  • “Alexa, is my front door locked?”
  • "Alexa, order an August Smart Keypad."
Why do I need an Yale Connect Bridge if my Amazon devices have Bluetooth built-in?

Amazon Alexa requires an Yale Connect Bridge in order to connect to our servers and complete the integration with your Yale Access Smart Lock.

The diagram below explains how the integration works:

Remote Comunication