HomeKit enabled FAQ

  1. Tap enable home kit.
  2. Next, choose an existing home kit home, or choose to add a new one.
  3. Let's choose Add a new home kit home, tap Next.
  4. Name your home, tap Continue.
  5. It will then ask you which room you want to add your lock to, or you can opt out and choose none, tap Continue.
  6. Locate the 8-digit Homekit accessory code on your Yale Smart Lock. This can be found on the battery cover or the Homekit module for Assure series locks.
  7. Make sure your phone is near the lock and powered home kit.
  8. Position the code in the frame so homekit can scan.
  9. If you have trouble scanning. You can also manually enter the eight digit code, just tap, learn about home accessories home kit will locate your lock.
  10. 10. You're ready to use Siri to operate your Smart Lock.
How do I install my HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock?

Installation and set up steps for the HomeKit Enabled Smart Lock are available here. Setup in the app includes additional steps to enable HomeKit.

What is the expected battery life for my HomeKit enabled Smart Lock?

When Unity is installed correctly on a door that is easily operated (no need to push, pull, or lift your door), and your deadbolt is not "sticky", the battery could last up to 3 months.

Does Siri work remotely?

Yes, if you have a 4th generation apple TV within Bluetooth range of your Smart Lock that is setup to work with HomeKit. You can then use Siri remotely or operate remotely through the Access app.

The diagram below explains how the integration works:

How do I physically reset HomeKit?

Yale Assure Series

  1. Enter in the Master code
  2. Select 7
  3. Select 3 , #, #, to unenroll the module
  4. Remove 1 battery from the lock
  5. Wait 10 seconds and then replace the battery into the lock
  6. Enter in the Master code
  7. Select 7
  8. Select 1 , #, #, to re-enroll the module
Inviting a New Owner to Your HomeKit-Enabled Smart Lock

If you have a HomeKit-enabled Smart Lock, adding a new Owner and giving them HomeKit access can be done at the same time. 

For more information on sharing HomeKit access with other users, check out this article.