Smart Keypad Setup Mode

If you experience issues with your Yale Smart Keypad, placing it in setup mode and completing the setup flow again may improve functionality. In order to complete these actions, you need to be within Bluetooth range of your lock and keypad, and have your phone with the Yale Access App downloaded onto it. PLEASE NOTE: You need to be an Owner of the Lock associated with the Keypad to put the device in setup mode.

Follow these steps to put your Keypad into setup mode: 

  1. Open the Yale Access App and go to House Settings
  2. Select the Keypad to enter Keypad Settings
  3. Select Disconnect Keypad and then the blue DISCONNECT button

The actions above prompt the App to send a reset code to your phone. Once you receive the reset code, push the logo button on the Smart Keypad. The app will ask whether the Keypad is  slowly pulsating red. Select Yes or No depending on what’s happening. If the Keypad is pulsating red proceed with in-app setup instructions on your phone. If not, repeat the steps above to place the keypad in setup mode again.

If you tried the steps above and the device does not begin to slowly pulsate red, try removing and reinserting a battery, and then re-entering the reset code. If the device still doesn't begin pulsating red, please reach out to customer support:

If you are unable to find the keypad in your App, you may need to set it up again. Go to the Keypad Installation guide and follow the steps under the "Set up in the App" section.