Entry Code Fails to Unlock the Door

This article provides help if you are having issues unlocking your Smart Lock using your Keypad. If you are unable to find your Keypad in the Yale Access App, it may need to be put in Setup Mode. This article provides help.

If the door fails to unlock after you have typed your code into the Smart Keypad, pay attention to the number of buzzes. Functionality is built into the Smart Keypad to help diagnose potential issues. 

If the keypad buzzes once after the code is entered and the door fails to unlock, the code was entered incorrectly. Try the code again to unlock the door. Keypad entry codes must be 6 digits.

If the keypad buzzes twice after a code is entered and the door fails to unlock, this means the keypad is not communicating with the lock. A reset should fix this issue.

Before attempting a reset, ensure that you can connect the lock to the phone to make sure the issue isn’t with the lock. If you find that the issue is the lock, try rebooting the lock first. To reboot the lock, remove one battery from the lock and replace it. Once you have rebooted the lock, try the entry code again. If this does not work, the keypad must be reset.

We try to avoid resetting the Keypad as this will reset all of the codes, but on occasion a reset is necessary. If you do need to reset the keypad, do so through the Yale Access App:

  1. Open the Yale Access App and go to Keypad settings
  2. Select the option to Disconnect the Keypad (note: must be within Bluetooth range)
  3. Once you select the disconnect option, you will be sent a 4 digit code to physically reset the keypad
  4. Enter this code into the Keypad to reset the device.

This completes the steps needed to reset the keypad.

PLEASE NOTE: Resetting the keypad will wipe out all existing entry codes and they will need to be added back after the keypad is set up again.