How to Install: Smart Keypad

Keypad Installation

Step 1. Remove the keypad’s back panel.

Depress the tab on the back of the keypad to remove the back panel.

Step 2. Mark holes in wall for drilling.

Use your level to position the back panel on the wall. Take your ballpoint pen or one of the included screws and poke it firmly through the center of each of the two rubber feet. Then mark the holes. Do not drill through the rubber feet.

Step 3. Drill the holes.

Use the drill bit size and type indicated in the drill bit chart. Drill holes in the two spots you marked with your pen.

Step 4. Add adhesive to the back of the keypad.

Peel off one side of the adhesive covering. Carefully place the adhesive on the rear side of the back panel.

Step 5. Attach back panel to the wall.

Firmly affix the back panel to the wall using the adhesive.Then take the two screws and screw them into the wall through the holes you created in the back panel.

Step 6. Attach keypad to the back panel.

Remove the battery tab from the inside of the keypad. Hook the top of the keypad onto the top of the back panel, rocking it down to the bottom until you hear a click.