How to Find and Use Personal Entry Codes

The Yale Smart Keypad Once you set the keypad up, follow the steps below to find, update, and use your personal Entry Code.

To find your Personal Entry Code:

  1. Open up the Yale Access App
  2. Select the house from the keychain
  3. Go to the Guest List
  4. Select yourself from the guest list to get to MY ACCESS

Your personal entry code(s) appears below the associated lock if there are multiple locks. If you want to update an existing personal entry code, follow the steps above, then:

  1. Select the Entry Code you wish to change
  2. Enter a new code or update the existing code in the entry code field
  3. Select the back arrow or save changes
  4. Select SAVE CHANGES

Modifications and updates will appear in MY ACCESS.

To use your Personal Entry Code

  1. Enter your personal entry code on the keypad
  2. Press the red Yale button
  3. The keypad light will pulse and then flash when the lock operation has been completed.

Entry codes need to be 6 digits and a user may have up to 220 entry codes on a lock.

Guests with keypad access have a blue circle with a hashtag to the right of their name in the Guest List. If you have assigned Entry Codes to other guests, they will follow the same steps to access and update their personal entry codes from within the Yale Access App.