How to Adjust Smart Keypad Settings

To find Smart Keypad settings:

  • Select the Settings tab (gear icon)
  • Tap the keypad icon

Details about each Keypad setting are outlined in the following table:

Keypad Setting

Enable/disable Keypad*

Allows you to temporarily disable your keypad without needing to uninstall it.

One-Touch Lock*

Lock your door with just the Yale button.


Removes the keypad from the associated lock. The reset code will be sent to your phone to complete this action.

Keypad Info

Includes hardware information such as battery level, serial number, and current firmware version.

Power Saving Mode*

Preserve battery life by enabling Power Saving Mode. Power Saving Mode disables the IR sensor, which prevents the Keypad from detecting nearby motion. The keypad does not light up when a hand approaches if Power Saving Mode is enabled.


*You must be within bluetooth range of the Keypad to enable/disable these Keypad settings.