Troubleshooting the LED Indicator on Yale Access Connect

Yale Connect Bridge displays its current status through an LED indicator light on the front of the device. This article will help you determine the status displayed by the LED indicator and provide troubleshooting steps that can be taken to improve functionality.

General Troubleshooting

Yale Connect Bridge uses Bluetooth to communicate with your Yale Lock. There are a number of potential reasons for poor communication between your Yale Lock and Yale Connect Bridge. For best results:

  • Make sure your Yale Connect Bridge is within Bluetooth range (typically within 30 feet. We recommend less than 15 feet for optimal performance)
  • Make sure the batteries in your Yale Lock have enough charge
  • Ensure your Yale Lock is operable using the Yale App in normal mode (not remote connect mode) standing near the location of your Yale Connect Bridge
  • Yale Connect Bridge needs a good Wi-Fi connection with access to the Internet to function
  • Ensure your home network is online

If you continue to have issues, remove Yale Connect Bridge from the power outlet, restart your home Access Point and plug Yale Connect Bridge back in to the outlet.

Additional information and troubleshooting steps for Yale Connect Bridge is below. Select either Red Light, Green Light, or No Light depending on the LED behavior your Connect is displaying.

Red Light

The Red LED is used to display warning status codes related to temporary connectivity issues.

RED LED Activity
Operation or Instructions

Solid light

The Connect timed out of setup mode or it has been permanently knocked offline (if it was set up)

Reset the Connect. Leave the Connect plugged into the wall and hold down the round reset button on the front of the device for 5 seconds, then let go. The Connect will need to be configured in the app following a hard reset. Go through the in-app setup flow again to reconfigure.

1 short

Wireless configuration timeout

Connect is unable to connect to your Wi-Fi network. It may help to move your Connect closer to your Wi-Fi router and retry setup.

If you have two wireless access points that have the same network name and password, one of them may need to be reconfigured. If you'd like to keep two separate networks, change the name of one of them. If you'd like one to increase the range of your network, you may need to reconfigure one of the routers.

2 short

Wi-Fi link unavailable

Check that your wireless router is plugged in and powered on. Then, connect your Wi-Fi to a computer or other device to ensure it is working properly.

3 short

Wi-Fi communication failure

Your Wi-Fi name and/or password may have changed. Reset the Connect by holding down the button for 3 seconds and set up again using the Yale App.

4 to 6 short

Server communication errors

Unplug your Connect for 5 seconds, and plug it back in.

7 short

Bluetooth communication error

Connect is having trouble connecting to your lock via bluetooth. Try moving Connect closer to your Smart Lock to improve the bluetooth signal.

Reset your Yale Lock by removing and reinstalling batteries after checking battery life.

1 to 9 long

Temporary communication issues

Unplug Connect for a few seconds, and plug it back in.

10-12 long

Configuration errors.

Reset the Connect by holding down the button for 5 seconds and set up again using the Yale Access App.

Continuous flashing

Temporary error (Connect may come back online eventually)

Wait and see if the error corrects as the activity might be the result of a network error, such as the network being down. If the light goes solid red, see the troubleshooting steps for a solid red light below.

Green Light

The Green LED indicates normal remote operations are in process and typically requires no action.

Green LED Activity


Operation or Instructions

Solid light

Connect is communicating with our servers or the associated Yale Lock.

Normal operation. No action needed.

Slowly pulsing

Waiting to be set up (Provisioning Mode)

Set up the Connect: Go to Lock Settings and tap Connect to Wi-Fi in the Yale App.

2 flashes

Connect is updating its internal firmware

Wait for the update to finish.

3 flashes

Connecting to Wi-Fi

Normal operation, connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

4 flashes

Connecting to bluetooth

Normal operation, connecting to your Yale Lock.

5 flashes

Currently connected to bluetooth

Normal operation, communicating with your Yale Lock.

6 flashes

Your Connect has received new activity information from your Yale Lock

Normal operation.

7 flashes

Yale Lock is busy

Wait a few seconds for the lock to communicate with the Connect.

8 flashes

Yale Lock is not found

Reset lock by removing & reinstalling 2 batteries, making sure the batteries are in good health.

No Light

If the Yale Connect Bridge has no light activity, it means that either: 1) The Connect is online and is functioning normally; OR 2) An unknown issue has occurred and it has fallen offline. Check the status of Yale Connect Bridge in the Yale App settings.

If Connect stops displaying light activity, try unplugging it and plugging it into a different outlet. If after 10 seconds the unit does not display any light activity, please contact Customer Support:

If your Yale Connect Bridge has no light and the troubleshooting above does not help, this article provides troubleshooting steps.