Trouble Connecting to Wi-Fi

If you experience issues connecting to your network during the setup of your WI-FI Connect Bridge device, this article provides help:

Trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

First, check to make sure your Wi-Fi network is online. This can be done by opening an Internet browser on a computer or laptop that is connected to the network you are trying to join. You can also put your phone in airplane mode, enable Wi-Fi and connect to the network you are trying to use, and then try browsing the Internet.

Next, verify that the Wi-Fi password you entered is correct. On your phone: 

  1. Open the Settings and go to Wi-Fi 
  2. Select the connected home network
  3. Select Forget or Disconnect from the network
  4. Then tap on the home network to rejoin

If you are unable to join the network again, this is an indication that the password was entered incorrectly.

Next, ensure your 2.4GHz network is broadcasting. The Yale Wi-Fi Connect Bridge only connects to 2.4GHz networks so that the device can optimize performance and battery life. Please make sure that your 2.4GHz network is broadcasting when connecting the bridge to Wi-Fi.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than one network name, make sure you are not trying to connect to a 5GHz network. A 5GHz network usually has -5G at the end of its name. The Yale Wi-Fi Connect Bridge will not be able to connect to a 5GHz network. If both the network and password are correct, but the setup fails, try power-cycling both the access point(s) and modem.

Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled in Settings. The bridge requires a Bluetooth connection to your phone in order to connect to Wi-Fi. If Bluetooth is not enabled, or is disabled during setup, the connection will fail.

Make sure your screen does not time out during the set up process. The last step of the Wi-Fi set up process may take longer than the timeout setting for your phone. To make sure there aren’t any interruptions during this step, make sure that your screen does not timeout while setting it up.

If your router supports band-steering, where the router itself decides whether the bridge should connect via the 2.4 or 5GHz network, there may be issues. If possible, turn this feature off for your router and try to connect your bridge to Wi-Fi again.

iOS - Make sure your phone is currently connected to the correct Wi-Fi network

Android - Unhide your network if you are not broadcasting your SSID. If you have a hidden WiFi network that is not broadcasting its SSID, you will need to unhide your network before you will be able to connect your Yale Wi-Fi Connect Bridge to your network.

Poor Wi-Fi Signal

If you find that you have a poor Wi-Fi signal at the bridge, you may wish to move your wireless access point closer to the bridge. Obstructions like walls, floors, and even furniture block Wi-Fi signals significantly for all Wi-Fi devices.

Standard Router

If setup continues to fail, try removing the bridge from the door and place it next to your router. Next, retry Wi-Fi setup. If setup is successful, the access point may be too far from the bridge.


First, ensure that all 3 devices - router, extender, and bridge - are located equidistant from one another. If the extender is next to the bridge, but 30 feet from the router, the connection between the extender and router will be poor. This could cause both setup and performance issues.

Once the router, extender, and bridge are placed equidistant from each other, verify if the extender has its own Wi-Fi network name (SSID) or if it shares the same SSID as the router.

  • If the extender has its own SSID, ensure the phone is connected to this network before attempting setup.
  • If the extender is sharing the same SSID as the router, this may be the cause of performance issues. The bridge may be bouncing between the extender and router because they have the same SSID and password. It's best to give the extender its own SSID.

Retry setup. If it fails, remove the bridge from the door and place it next to the extender to try setup once more.

Mesh Network

If you have a Mesh network, try the setup with the lock on the door. If the Wi-Fi setup is successful, no further action is required. If the setup is unsuccessful, try the following:

  • Remove the bridge and take it to the next furthest access point and try to set it up
  • If setup is successful, re-plug in the bridge to your powerpoint. You should be able to connect now
  • If setup is unsuccessful, repeat the above next to another access point

PLEASE NOTE: It may take several attempts to connect to Wi-Fi over a Mesh network.