In-App Setup Issues iOS, Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

Due to a recent change around Wi-Fi setup within Apple’s Airport Setup software in the latest OS update 14.2, our in-app setups will fail for Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge.

As a workaround, the following steps must be followed in this exact order:

  1. Ensure your Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is in setup mode by holding down the Yale button for 5 seconds and letting it go. It should start blinking green slowly to indicate it's ready to be set up.
  2. Begin the in-app setup within the Yale Access App.
  3. The App will ask you to choose a lock to connect to (Connect) or to name your Doorbell.
  4. The app will have you verify the network you wish to connect your device to (Connect: 2.4GHz only).
  5. After selecting Next, the app will hang on Configuring Wi-Fi.
  6. It’s very important to FORCE CLOSE your Yale Access App. Do not hit Cancel, Quit, or allow it to error out.
  7. Open your Settings app for your iOS device and go to Wi-Fi.
  8. Scroll down and you will see your device under Set Up New Device.
  9. Tap on your device name and it will initiate the setup flow. If you fail the setup, place your device into setup mode and repeat Step 7 + Step 8.