Setting Up Yale Connect Bridge

Yale Connect Bridge serves as a Wi-Fi bridge between Yale Access Servers and your Yale Assure so you can lock and unlock your Yale Assure remotely, right from your phone. With Yale Access Connect, you can instantly let visitors into your home when you're not there. This article on Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridges explains how Yale Connect Bridge works with your setup.


  • Make sure your device has Wi-Fi turned on (Settings > Wi-Fi)
  • Make sure your phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi network (Connect is compatible with 2.4 gHZ Wi-Fi) 
  • Yale Connect Bridge requires an active Yale Assure and needs to be installed using a compatible phone. Please visit our phone compatibility page to ensure that your phone is compatible.


To install your Yale Connect Bridge:

For optimal performance and reliability, plug Yale Connect Bridge into a power outlet that is within 4.5m on an opposite or adjacent wall from your Yale Assure.

  1. Wait for the flashing green light on your Yale Connect Bridge. If you don’t see the flashing green light press and hold the button on your Yale Connect Bridge for 5 seconds.
  2. In the Yale Access App, go to the side menu (upper left), tap Set Up New Device.
  3. Choose Set Up Yale Connect Bridge.
  4. Choose a lock with which to associate your Connect.
  5. When prompted, plug connect into an outlet near your door and then follow the in-app instructions.

The accessory setup interface will ask you to choose your home Wi-Fi network. Once your Connect has successfully joined your home Wi-Fi network, the Yale Access App will check the signal levels of your Wi-Fi and bluetooth connections. If your signal levels are good, you’re almost finished. If your signal levels are low, you will be guided through adjusting the location of your Connect to improve its connection.

If you experience issues joining your Connect with your Wi-Fi network, this article provides troubleshooting steps.

Yale Connect Bridge displays its current status through different LED indicator lights on the front of the device. This article helps you determine what the LED indicators on Yale Connect Bridge mean as well as any troubleshooting steps you can take to improve functionality.