How to Change a Device's Wi-Fi Network and/or Wi-Fi Password

Changes to your network impact your Yale Access devices. For example, if your Internet provider changes or you replace your Wi-Fi modem, you will need to update the network information, such as the password or network name, in order for your devices to continue working.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is only relevant to Yale Connect Bridge.

Select either iOS or Android (depending on your device) for information about updating Wi-Fi network and password.


For Yale Connect Bridge: Go into the device’s settings and select “Disconnect Device”. This action will remove the Connect from the network. Next, go into the sidebar menu and select “Set up a Device” to begin the process to setup the device again. Select the updated Wi-Fi network and enter the new password during the setup flow.


Our Android app does not currently have the ability to switch Wi-Fi networks within the app. In order to switch Wi-Fi networks, devices must be factory reset. Complete the following steps to restore your Yale Connect Bridge:

  1. Open the Yale Access App and go to House Settings
  2. Select the Yale Connect Bridge Settings menu
  3. Scroll to Factory Reset
  4. Select Reset Connect

This restores the device to its original settings and all current users will lose access to the device.

PLEASE NOTE: It may take a few moments to complete this action. Please be patient to ensure the factory reset completes. If you leave the app during the factory reset, you will need to restart the process all over again.