Yale Access Module Communication Error

In order for your Yale Access Smart Lock to work, the module and the host lock need to communicate with one another. Miscommunication between your module and lock will result in a module communication error. This error is potentially caused by one of the issues listed below.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these steps must be performed by a lock Owner.

Additional troubleshooting steps below:

The Module was improperly removed

In order for the module to communicate with the host lock, it needs to have been inserted in the proper order. The Yale Access module should only be removed when the lock is powered down. If you need to remove the module, remove at least one battery from the lock first in order to cut the power supply. Once you have placed the module back into the lock, it is okay to put the battery back in and power up the lock again.


The module needs to be registered/re-registered

You may receive the Module Communication Error if the  Yale Access module is improperly registered. In this case, the following steps should remove the error:

Using the keypad, enter the Programming Menu on the host lock. First:

  1. Enter the Master PIN code to get to the Programming Menu
  2. From the Programming Menu, select the gear key
  3. Press the number '7', then the gear key
  4. Exit the menu by selecting the 'Previous' button (the red back arrow in the upper left corner) or wait for the menu to time out

This completes the registration steps and can now verify that the error has been removed.


The module was removed from one lock and placed in another

If the module was placed in a new host lock, the lock settings and PIN codes stored in the module can be synced to the new host lock. Follow the in-app steps to complete this process. The module will need to be registered with the lock by following the steps above.

If the module has been placed in a new host lock, the lock setting and PIN codes can also be erased and set back to default by performing a Factory Reset on the module (in-app) and lock (physical).



The Module Communication Error may also occur when: 

  • A factory reset is pushed to the  Yale Access Smart Lock 
  • The module is incorrectly removed from the lock while the batteries are still inserted
  • The module has been switched out of one lock and into another one incorrectly

If any of the above has occurred, you may receive the Module Communication Error. Follow the steps below to remove the error:

  1. Remove a battery from your lock and wait 10 seconds
  2. Remove and re-insert the Yale Access Module
  3. Replace the battery and listen for the startup sound 

Once you hear the startup sound, your lock is ready to use. Verify that the communication error is resolved by operating your lock.

If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps above and you continue to experience the error, contact Customer Support Customerservice.au@assaabloy.com.