How to Register Your Connected by Yale Access Module

This article includes steps that you can follow to register your Yale Access module. A Yale Access module can be registered on a lock with or without a keypad.


Registering your module on a lock with a keypad:

Enter the Programming Menu on the host lock, by entering:

  1. The Master Pin followed by the Gear symbol
  2. Next, select the number 7 followed by the Gear symbol
  3. Lastly, exit the menu by selecting the red back arrow located in the upper left corner. Conversely, you can wait for the menu to time out to exit the menu

In the event that you don't see a 7 in your Programming Menu, review the following:

  1. Set a Master Pin. Setting up a Master Pin is required at the end of your lock’s physical installation.
  2. The Module may not be properly seated.
    1. Remove a battery, wait 10 seconds for the lock to properly shut down
    2. Remove and re-insert the module properly
    3. Replace the battery and listen to the lock startup sound.
  3. The lock may not be a compatible model.
    1. Check to see if your lock is compatible.  Often, you can find the model number on the inside of the lock battery cover
  4. You may need to factory reset the lock.
    1. You can find the factory reset method for each lock on the lock manufacturer’s website. Please note that when the lock is factory reset, all existing settings and pin codes on the lock will be erased and reset to default settings. 

How to register your module on a lock without Keypad:

When prompted to register your lock:

  1. Locate the enrollment button, underneath the battery cover and next to the thumbturn.
  2. Press and release the button after two seconds