How to Create Smart Keypad Entry Codes

This article includes steps for giving your guests access to your home using your Smart Keypad. Use the Yale Access App and follow directions below to invite guests to your Keypad, send, and assign entry codes:

Keypad Access

  1. Open the Yale Access App
  2. Go to the Guest List screen
  3. Select the yellow Invite button

You will be prompted to give your guest either App Access or Personal Entry Code Only Access.


App Access - guests can access your lock using both the Yale Access App or the Keypad. Follow the steps below to give your guest App Access:

  1. Select either to invite the guest via their mobile number or from their saved contact from your phone.
  2. Enter their mobile number or select their contact and then their mobile number from those listed
  3. Confirm access level (Guest or Owner or None) and App Access (Always / Recurring / Temporary)*
  4. Then send the invite
  5. The guest will be instructed to download the Yale Access App (if they haven't done so before) and then log in using the option: I RECEIVED AN INVITE (blue button)


Personal Entry Code Only - guest can access your lock using the Keypad only. Follow the steps below to limit your guest to Personal Entry Code Only access:

  1. Either invite the guest using their contact or add them manually with their mobile phone number
  2. Confirm type of access (Always / Recurring / Temporary)*, Entry Code, and toggle Text Code to Guest if you want them to receive the code over SMS
  3. Then select SAVE CODE
  4. If you selected the option to text the code to your guest, your messages app will open up with a message that includes your guests code
  5. Send the text for them to receive it


Emergency Codes

The emergency access code can be used to give immediate access to your lock if you can't give your guest a personal entry code.

*For 2nd Generation Yale Access Smart Lock or newer.