Connected by Yale Access FAQ

What is included in the Yale Access Upgrade Kit?

The kit comes with a Yale Access module, the Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridge and DoorSense™.

What is the Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridge?

The Yale Connect bridge allows your module to connect to the internet, which gives you the ability to control your lock from anywhere using the Yale Access app. Remote features include, being able to check your door status, lock and unlock your door from anywhere and grant access to others. In addition, installing the Yale Connect gives you access to existing Yale Access Home integrations – including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Samsung SmartThings.

I have a Yale Network Module in my Assure Lock. Can I still add Yale Access?

The Yale Access module uses the same slot as the Yale Smart Module. If you would prefer to use the Yale Access module and Yale Access App, you need to remove the Yale Network Module and install the Yale Access module. Follow the directions found in this article to complete setup.

What app do I download to use with the Yale Access module?

The Yale Access Assure Locks work with the Yale Access app. This free app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. Yale apps are not compatible.

How is this different from Yale's other Bluetooth lock?

The Yale Access module allows a user access to a better Bluetooth experience. The Yale Access app and Yale Access Kit add – Unlock on arrival, door position sensing (when DoorSense is installed) and remote access via the Yale Connect Wi-Fi bridge. Additionally the Yale Access app allows simplified access sharing and access to numerous integrations such as Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Samsung Smart Things.

Can I use Yale Access on my current Yale Bluetooth lock?

Yes – You can add the Yale Access Kit to your Yale Assure Lock with Bluetooth. Please be aware that use of the Yale Access module will deactivate the current Yale Bluetooth.

What is the difference between iM1 and Yale Access?

Both iM1 and Yale Access allow you to control your home with Apple HomeKit, but there are a few differences.

The iM1 Module only supports HomeKit and does not have support for virtual keys, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or DoorSense. You manage the iM1 module using the home app and the Yale Secure app – this is great for someone that is a very apple oriented family or home. It also does not support Auto Unlock on Arrival.

The Yale Access Kit allows you to integrate your Yale lock to HomeKit and mange it though the Yale Access app – because the Yale Access app has support for both iOS and Android it is a better app for a house with multiple technologies of phone.

Yale also gives you additional features such as Auto Unlock, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, DoorSense, and much more.

How do I fix a misaligned door?

Yale US partnered with Leslie Segrete, co-host of the Money Pit and designer on TLC’s Trading Spaces, to help you with a common smart lock issue. Sometimes, a misaligned door can make it seem like your deadlock is malfunctioning and losing battery faster than usual. Learn how to fix your door’s alignment with our simple, easy DIY steps and tips, and get your Yale Assure working properly!