What are the Different Types of Guest Access?

Access levels and schedules determine how much access a lock user has as well as when they have permission to control the lock.

Yale offers 2 access levels: Owner and Guest. A lock Owner has full access to the lock and Guests have limited access (outlined under Access Levels). Only lock Owners can invite Guests to a lock. When inviting Guests, you can customize their access level and choose to be notified when they operate your lock.

There are also different Access Schedules: Always, Recurring, and Temporary (outlined under Access Schedules).

Lock Owners

Lock Owners are users who:

  1. Can lock and unlock door via Yale app
  2. Can lock and unlock door via Personal Entry Code (Using Smart Keypad)
  3. Can use Auto-Unlock
  4. Can invite/remove other owners
  5. Can control all lock settings
  6. Can view activity feed
  7. Can view guest list


Guest is the default access level for anyone invited to your Yale Smart Lock, but you can update a person's access level when you invite them to your lock or at any time thereafter. Guest users:

  1. Can lock and unlock door via Yale app*
  2. Can lock and unlock door via Personal Entry Code (Using Smart Keypad)
  3. Cannot use Auto-Unlock
  4. Cannot invite/remove other owners
  5. Cannot control all lock settings
  6. Cannot view activity feed
  7. Cannot view guest list

*Cellular data or an Internet connection is required. Due to the 3 Guest Access Schedules, our servers need to verify that the guest is connecting during the timeframe that they are authorized.

Access Schedules

Always - Guests will have unlimited access, but the owner can change or delete their access at any time.

Recurring - Guests will have a scheduled access that repeats. i.e. guests will be invited every Tuesday for a short period of time.

Temporary - Guests will have a limited invitation to your home that expires. i.e. guests will have access for a one time use, limited to the date and time you've selected.