Why do I need a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge?

Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridges communicate with Yale Access servers to allow remote access to the Yale Access Smart Lock when you are outside of Bluetooth range. Without a Yale connect Connect  Wi-Fi Bridge, you will not receive updates to your Activity Feed until an owner connects to the lock with their Yale Access App. If you have HomeKit or Z-Wave and no Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, lock activity will not update in the Activity Feed in the Yale Access App until an owner has made a Bluetooth connection with the lock.

When it comes to some third-party integrations, a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge is required to enable these devices to communicate Cloud-to-Cloud. The table below indicates which third-party integrations require a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge:



Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge Needed?


Google Home
Amazon Alexa
No, but recommended
Logitech Pop
Logitech Harmony Home Hub
Wink Yes, unless it’s Smart Lock Pro with a Z-Wave hub
Airbnb Lock Only: No
Keypad Only: Yes (ASL 2nd gen and higher)
Lock and Keypad: Yes
Xfinity Home


The following scenarios explain what happens with and without a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge:


Yale Assure with Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

Receive Smart Alert notifications when:

  • Door is manually locked/unlocked
  • Lock is accessed by entry code only users
  • When door ajar (with DoorSense™)
  • Both auto-lock events and one-touch (if enabled)
  • Receive battery readings as soon as your batteries report low

Alexa and/or Google Assistant apps update as events occur.

Activity Feed updates as lock events listed above occur as long as your bridge is online.


Yale Assure without an Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

Receive Smart Alerts only if another Yale Access App (AA) user locks/unlocks your door using Yale Access App.

Without a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, battery readings may be delayed or not sent at all until a lock Owner connects to the lock through the Yale Access App. If the lock Owner seldom connects to the lock, the batteries could reach a low-power threshold without receiving a notification.

The Activity Feed only updates when another Owner (not Guest) accesses the lock using the Yale Access App. The Activity Feed will update retroactively, but not at the time of the event.