For digital locks in Australia, Yale are the highest quality manufacturer for customers to feel safe & secure. Learn more about Yale locks then find a stockist.

Digital Locks Australia 

Yale has put together a series of helpful digital locks Australia resources so you can make an informed choice about digital locks. All these resources are listed below for your convenience. Yale is one of the oldest international brands and is committed to creating high quality door opening solutions to make our customers feel safe and secure. We are one of the most well known and respected brands in the lock industry with millions of Yale locks used in over 125 countries. Browse our resources below to find out everything you need to know about digital smart locks. 

Digital Lock Resources

  1. Why choose digital locks? (covers the many benefits of using digital locks)
  2. How do digital smart locks work? (information on how digital locks integrate with existing systems)
  3. Why have locks as part of an Ecosystem? (covers the benefits of integrating with your home security system)
  4. What lock is right for me? (a simple overview of locking options)
  5. Is the lock a good fit for my door? (information on installation/door fitting requirements)
  6. Digital lock product range
  7. Stockist locator

Find Out More About Digital Smart Locks

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