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In this article, we provide you with information on how to find the best digital door lock for your requirements. Yale is one of the most well known and respected international lock industry brands. Our high quality door openings are available in over 125 countries with millions of our locks used around the world. We are committed to creating high quality door opening solutions based on the latest technology. 

Below we include information on the best digital door locks we offer in Australia and a list of resources to help you determine the best digital front door lock for you. 

Yale digital door lock

Yale’s Best Digital Front Door Lock Range

Products in our range include the Yale Assure Lock® Keyed, Yale Assure Lock® SL and the Yale Assure Lock® SL with iM1 Network Module


Digital Door Lock Resources 

To assist you with determining the best digital lock for your needs, we have provided a list of helpful resources below: 


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