ASSA ABLOY in brief

Yale is a part of the ASSA ABLOY Group. The ASSA ABLOY Group is the global leader in access solutions. Every day, we help billions of people experience a more open world. ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions leads the development within door openings and products for access solutions in homes, businesses and institutions. Our offering includes doors, door and window hardware, mechanical and smart locks, access control and service.


Since its formation in 1994, ASSA ABLOY has grown from a regional company into an international group with around 47,000 employees, sales of about SEK 71 billion and own operations in over 70 countries.

The Group’s strength is the variety of traditional and new products that can be combined to create a large number of different door environments. ASSA ABLOY has products for different climates, different types of buildings and differing security and safety requirements. By combining hundreds of thousands of components to meet the needs of consumers, architects and installers, the Group creates products with the right quality, design and price, which are ideal for both new buildings and renovations.

ASSA ABLOY is represented on both mature and emerging markets worldwide, with leading positions in much of Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. 

ASSA ABLOY is divided into three regional and two global divisions. The regional divisions, Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, manufacture and sell mechanical and electromechanical locks, digital door locks, cylinders and security doors adapted to the local market’s standards and security requirements. The global divisions, Global Technologies and Entrance Systems, manufacture and sell electronic access control, identification products and entrance automation on the global market.

Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific division manufactures and sells mechanical and electromechanical locks, digital door locks, high-security doors and hardware.

China accounts for 50 percent of sales, South Korea and the rest of Asia for 20 percent, Australia and New Zealand for 20 percent, and exports to the rest of the world for 10 percent. The Asian countries are emerging markets without established security standards. New construction accounts for around three-quarters of sales.

In China, the same types of lock, handle and hardware are often used in both homes and workplaces. The production units in China also supply ASSA ABLOY’s other divisions. Australia and New Zealand are mature markets with established lock standards. Renovations and upgrades account for the majority of sales.

In Asia, the division’s largest brands are the Chinese brands Baodean,Guli,  Pan Pan, Shenfei Liyi, Doormax, Beijing Tianming, Golking, Sahne and Longdian, the South Korean brands Gateman, Angel and King and the global brand Yale. In Australia and New Zealand, the largest brands are Lockwood and Interlock.

Asia Pacific's share of Group sales is 14 percent (2012). The division has 15,200 employees and the divisional head office is located in Hong Kong.


The EMEA division manufactures and sells mechanical, electromechanical locks, digital door locks, security doors and fittings in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

EMEA is the leader in its product areas in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The commercial segment accounts for around 60 percent of sales and the residential segment for 40 percent.

EMEA comprises a large number of Group companies with a good knowledge of their local and in many respects diverse markets.  Products are sold primarily through a number of distributions channels and also directly to end users. The main brands are  ABLOYASSAIKONMul-T-LockTESAUNIONYale and Vachette.

The division's share of Group sales in 2012 was 28 percent. Number of employees are 10,200 and the divisional head office is located in London, UK.


The Americas division manufactures and sells mechanical and electromechanical locks, cylinders, door fittings, security doors and door frames in North and South America. The majority of the division’s sales are in North America where ASSA ABLOY has an extensive sales organization and sells its products through distributors.

Institutional and commercial customers are the largest end-customer segments and account for 90 per cent of sales. The private residential segment is accounts for 10 percent of sales. Sales in South America and Mexico take place mainly through distributors, wholesalers and DIY stores. Sales in these markets are more evenly distributed between the commercial and residential segments.

Some of the division’s leading brands are CecoCorbin Russwin,Curries,EmtekMedecoPhillipsSARGENT and La Fonte.

Americas share of Group sales is 21 percent (2012).The division has 6,600 employees and divisional management is located in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Global Technologies

Global Technologies has a leading position as a supplier of electronic security solutions worldwide. The division consists of two business units, HID Global and ASSA ABLOY Hospitality, with sales mainly to the commercial segment.

HID Global
HID Global supplies solutions for secure identity creation and management to commercial companies, healthcare, educational and financial institutions as well as government and state institutions. HID Global’s open technology platforms provide significant benefits.

  • Physical access control: cards, card readers and networked access 
    control units.
  • Secure issuance: card printers and software.
  • Identity assurance: smart cards, readers and credential management 
    and other software.
  • Government ID: cards, card printers, readers, software and professional services for government-issued credentials.
  • Managed Services: customized smart cards and secure identity issuance, such as mobile keys.
  • Mobile access control: digital keys and reader technology for NFC cell phones.

ASSA ABLOY Hospitality
ASSA ABLOY Hospitality manufactures and sells electronic lock systems, safes, energy management systems and minibars for hotels and cruise ships under the VingCard Elsafe brand. It is the world’s best-known brand for hotel lock systems and in-room safes, with products installed in over seven million hotel rooms in more than 42,000 hotels worldwide.

The Global Technologies division's share of Group sales is 13 percent (2012).The division has 3,000 employees and divisional management is based in Stockholm, Sweden.  

Entrance Systems

The Entrance Systems division is a global leader in entrance automation products, components and service. The product range includes automatic swing, sliding and revolving doors, air curtains, gate automation, garage doors, high-performance doors, industrial doors, docking solutions and hangar doors.

The division has sales companies in 30 countries and distributors in 60 countries. Service operations account for nearly 40 percent of sales.

The products are sold through two channels. In the direct channel, new equipment and comprehensive service are sold direct to the end-customer, while in the indirect channel, products and components are sold to end-customers through distributors.The products are sold under the brands of Besam, Crawford, Megadoor, Albany, FlexiForce, Normstahl­, Ditec and EM.

Entrance Systems share of Group sales is 24 percent (2012). The division has 7,400 employees and the divisional head office in Malmö, Sweden.